Wall Planks packed in boxes by 10 SF and 50 SF depends on the ordered quantity.


The last figure in the SKU is the Number of Design (for example # 105 means Design # 5 (Antique Wood)). SKU's for Mixes are the colors of designs (for example, SKU # 125 means the mix of Designs # 1 (Holey Wood), # 2 (Grain Wood) and # 5 (Antique Wood))



Minimal order for FREE shipment - 6 boxes.

Request delivery rate in case of shipment of 1-5 Boxes

Special prices to ship 30 sets or more (request a delivery quote)

FOR DEALERS Wall Planks 1/4"x5"x48" (10 SF) - 10 basic designs and 12 mixes

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