Thermo Modification

The Magic of Thermo-Modification

Our premium Thermo-Treated wood products are durable for 25 years due to our patented thermo-modification process. Wood is exposed to extremely high temperatures (400-degree Fahrenheit) with no chemicals added. It is a 100% “Green” product. The main reason for thermo-treated wood’s durability and dimension stability is the natural molecular changes that occur in the wood during the treatment process.


The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) is reduced to 2-4%. The treatment burns poly-sugars and makes wood water repellent on a molecular level; thermo-treated wood becomes naturally durable and stable. Compare thermo-treated wood and 350-year-old wood to nontreated wood under a microscope. Notice the similar molecular pattern in both the thermo-treated and the 350-year-old wood.

Thermo-Treated Premium Grade Hardwoods

100% “Green” and Stable In Sizes

Low Maintenance

All Four-Sides Factory Oiled

25-year Durability Warranty

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